Job Opportunities

Looking for a new challenge?

"I'd rather do Big-Physics than debug the control system" ? ...

Well yes, sure... but somebody still has to make the Big Physics facilities work! If you, like we do, have the urge to make things work properly, why not join us?

We're people (like you?) coming out of a research lab that gradually became the leading control system integrator for accelerators worldwide. Besides this, we also work on other Big Science projects like ITER and ALMA. We've got ourselves a set of happy customers that keep coming back for more :-)

The result: many job openings for working on-site with our customers, in major labs located in Europe, Japan, Korea and the US. Or, if you really like to enjoy a good mix of work and leisure, why not join us at our headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia? We're located in the heart of Europe, a one hour drive from the Mediterranean & the Alps, halfway between Venice and Vienna.

We're looking for people who know accelerators, fusion or telescopes, have experience in project management, programming or electronics and who would like to keep growing their expertise in these fields.