Current Vacancies

Cosylab is a youthful, fast-paced and fast-growing company. We feel the absence of corporate bullshit as a competitive edge. This also means we are comfortable with overlap between roles and functions. Daily activities are based on the needs of the projects rather than a strict function description. So if you like to try out something new, jump in to help out a colleague or satisfy a customer today with a really creative solution, then Cosylab is the place to be.

We are highly committed to bringing the very best out of people and we highly value long-term working relationships, so we are looking both for experienced gurus in their field as well as bright and highly motivated students who are interested in constantly sharpening their knowledge and skills by working with and learning from the very best.

Apart from the head office in Ljubljana (Slovenia), we have offices in China, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.S.A.

Specifically, we are looking for the following profiles in our various offices:

Sales Engineer

Cosylab is the world leader in providing sophisticated, economical and state-of-the-art control solutions for large Big Physics facilities, such as particle accelerators, tokamaks for nuclear fusion and radio telescopes. If you enjoy selling and travelling all over the world, especially in Asia, and feel a special thrill when presenting complex technical solutions from a top-notch global company to knowledgeable experts at clients’ premises, fairs and conferences - we are the company for you!

You should have technical experience with integrating IT and communications software and services.

It wouldn’t hurt if you already possess sales experience abroad and know of innovative sales methods, such Processes Selling. We have an eye out for self-organized, diligent and self-initiative candidates. We also expect you to speak and write fluently in English, understand complex projects and market needs - and think out of the box (we are Big on that)!

If you are interested to join us, we will support you along the way in coming up to speed with the intricacies of our market, as well as the hardware and software solutions that are used.

It also doesn’t hurt if you are good with negotiations, ideas presentation and inter-cultural communication.

(OK, we know we are asking for a lot - but so do our customers :)

Contact us now with a letter and CV - marked "For SE-2014".

Software Developer

A large part of our work involves software and ranges from pure high-level application development (in our domain) with Windows or Linux, all the way down to driver development. At Cosylab you can really put your programming skills to the test. Having the best as your co-workers, you practice quality controlled software engineering or programming-in-the-large.

If you're a student in computer science or physics and you have no work experience yet, but you like programming and you're good at it or if you already have what it takes and you're ready for a new challenge in the world of Big Physics, get in touch with us and join one of Slovenia's best software companies!

Hardware Developer

Cosylab is not just a software company, we have a fast growing team of hardware developers, specializing different fields ranging from FPGA programming in VHDL down to board design, combining technical knowledge with domain specific understanding of concepts needed to solve complicated challenges like design of timing systems, machine protection systems, fast digitizers etc.

If you are studying or already have experience with FPGA design and electronics and want to be a part of a young and energetic team that is pushing the boundaries of technology on a daily basis, send us an email!

Control System Integrator

We are involved in numerous big integration projects where we are working with different control system toolkits like EPICS, Tango, FESA, LabView, ... So we are always on the lookout for people who:

  • are ambitious, responsible and results oriented,
  • are fluent in English,
  • have exceptional written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills,
  • are able to work as part of a team to solve complex technical problems,
  • have higher education or university degree in physics, electrical engineering, computer science or similar.

If you are either an experienced control system guru or just a student, who possesses the above qualitities, contact us now!


Send your application letter and  curriculum vitae via e-mail to CVs should include a brief description of the projects you have participated in.

Suitable candidates will be invited to a personal interview.


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