GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung

Cosylab has completed a range of work for GSI.

Software Development and Support for GSI

The work that Cosylab performed at GSI consisted of the development of high-level software applications, software architectural development and various control system development with integration. We implemented an Abeans-GSI plug, prototype GSI-Device with ACS, Abeans/Cosybeans implementation to accelerator, prototype of Java Appl. Environment, Java Applications Development, BPM control system, beam transmission monitor support.

Motion controller Development GSI

A general solution of a motion controller based on PMAC and microIOC with external drives was developed and put into operation. In addition to the M-BOX product, Collimator Slit Control and FESA/GSI Gateway prototypes were developed.

FAIR Control System Study for GSI

Cosylab performed a design study of the Control System for the upcoming FAIR project and produced the required specifications.

Power Drive Case for GSI

Cosylab developed support for a 3-axis system based on Vexta stepper drives with SSI and a linear potentiometer.

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