GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research

For GSI Cosylab did software development, motion controller development, did a lot of work on FAIR project and provided power drive case

Cosylab has completed a range of work for GSI.

Software Development and Support for GSI

The work that Cosylab performed at GSI consisted of the development of high-level software applications, software architectural development and various control system development with integration. We implemented an Abeans-GSI plug, prototype GSI-Device with ACS, Abeans/Cosybeans implementation to accelerator, prototype of Java Appl. Environment, Java Applications Development, BPM control system, beam transmission monitor support.

Motion controller Development GSI

A general solution of a motion controller based on PMAC and microIOC with external drives was developed and put into operation. In addition to the M-BOX product, Collimator Slit Control and FESA/GSI Gateway prototypes were developed.

Control system development services for FAIR project, GSI

Work that was done on FAIR project is described here.

Power Drive Case for GSI

Cosylab developed support for a 3-axis system based on Vexta stepper drives with SSI and a linear potentiometer.

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