Visual DCT

Visual DCT (Database Configuration Tool) provides a visual composition of new EPICS databases as well as a graphic representation of pre-existing ones.

Visual DCT was developed to provide features missing in other configuration tools such as CapFast and GDCT and has surpassed them in both functionality and popularity. Visual DCT is written completely in Java and is therefore supported on various platforms.

Basic functionality includes: record creation, moving and linking as well as field and link modification. However, Visual DCT offers much more. Groups and records can be grouped together into logical blocks, which enable a hierarchical design. Indication of data flow using arrows also makes the design easier to understand.

Visual DCT has a powerful DB parser, which allows importing existing DB and DBD files. The output is also a DB file. All comments and the record order are preserved and all visual data is saved as a comment, which allows DBs to be edited with other tools or even manually.


  • Faster and more accurate database composition
  • No more syntax errors
  • Clear view of dataflow and record processing
  • In-line text and frames provide easy and fast database documentation
  • EPICS standard tool


  • Visual representation of databases
  • Hierarchies for easier maintenance of complex databases
  • Opens non- Visual DCT created databases
  • Error free drop down menus for record type selection
  • Drop down menus for field value selection
  • Morphing and renaming of records
  • Plug-ins
  • Standard clipboard operations

Download Visual DCT

Visual DCT and  its plug-ins are available on the Visual DCT build page

Alarm Viewer

Alarm Viewer was created as an accessible and handy display tool for the alarm system messages.

It is a viewer which can display the status of all systems of a single machine at the same time.

For each system, there is a table cell which shows the number of fatal, error and warning alarms.

By selecting one or several systems it is possible to examine the alarms in detail, thus enabling you to see all the properties and definitions of a particular alarm.

Downloads Available 

Visual DCT

Alarm Viewer


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