Services and Solutions

Ready to jump in at any stage of your Control System Project...

Control systems for experimental physical facilities are becoming ever more complex.

Cheap and fast hardware has shifted the challenges for control systems from meeting performance requirements to offering flexibility  and usability for machine and experimenter.

These increased expectations can be met, if you have the specialists to manage the added complexity and risk. Cosylab has the experts.

  • We offer a wide range of system integration services and control (sub)system solutions.
  • We manage over a hundred customer projects simultaneously, from a single hexapod integration for the Soleil synchrotron to coordinating and developing the complete control system for the ELI 750 MeV linac.
  • We are a customer oriented and flexible partner. Adapting development processes to individual projects is an art: we have mastered it.

Let us take care of peak loads of implementation work or integrate an additional device or beam line, without hassle and with Cosylab quality and professionalism. Contact us for a quotation!

For projects in an early stage we offer turnkey solutions for specific subsystems, e.g., the timing system, the machine protection system or the control system as a whole. Starting from a proven blue-print, we customize our solution to integrate it seamlessly with your setup.

Choose the arrangement that suits you best: outsourcing (on-site or off-site), development services or a customized turnkey solution.

Turnkey Control Systems

We build the complete control system built cost-efficiently from tried and proven components. This “turn-key system” combines standard “blueprint” building blocks for the control of standard accelerator devices together with Cosylab’s tailor made integration and adaptation efforts; all for a fixed price.


Development Services

We master all control system technologies for Big Physics. Realizing a control system requires mastering technologies in all layers of the system: control of devices, including hard real-time, configuration of the system through standard middleware and control room applications.



We provide expert staff to cover peak loads and beyond. We do maintenance and support, and even write up the documentation! Outsourcing this work to the experts of a trusted partner is the reasonable way to handle peak-loads and expertise shortages.