Application Development

Development services for all aspects of control room solutions

When it comes to controls, operators and scientists need practical and reliable software with intuitive visualization.

Our Experts

The Cosylab team consists of people with varied backgrounds. Physicists bring in their understanding of machine physics for fast requirements gathering. UI specialists advise on usability aspects and design highly usable screens with consistent look-and-feel. Computer scientists take care of world-class implementation and integration in the overall EPICS control system.

Based on your requirements, we produce quality results, including QA and documentation. Instead of recruiting and training software application developers, you can focus on the many other challenges facing your Big Physics project.

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What we offer

  • Expert advice on all facets of control system application development in CSS
  • Gathering, structuring and managing requirements from physicists, operators and users
  • Fast, well documented, quality software development
  • Extensive testing on simulators and on the machine
  • Tailored project management, issue tracking, change management

Want to know more?

Our 2-page service description contains more details on CSS Application Development.

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Download the CSS service description as a pdf file.


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