LabVIEW Development and Integration

Development services for all aspects of National Instruments’ software & hardware platforms

LabVIEW is chosen by labs all around the world to develop systems that need measurement and control. Cosylab has extensive experience applying NI’s solutions in a Big Physics context. Get us on board and you hit the ground running with your NI-based project.

Use Cases

There are many Big Physics use cases for this technology, of varying scope and complexity. Here are a few examples:

  1. Embedded real-time systems based on multicore processors and FPGAs
  2. High-speed data acquisition systems requiring timing and synchronization
  3. A complete control system based on LabView


  • LabVIEW Use casesSave time: you can focus on the big picture, we take care of the details
  • Quality results: you get well documented source code, based on design patterns for better maintainance and extensibility
  • On-time & in-budget: we deliver the agreed functionality within the agreed timeframe
  • Support: through a Service Level Agreement (SLA) we provide support and updates
  • Minimize Risk: as you let us take care of the technical details, we also take care of the associated risks such as porting issues, configuration issues, known technology issues

Want to know more?

Our 2-page service description contains more details on LabVIEW Development and Integration.

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Download this LabVIEW Development and Integration service description as a pdf file.


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