Complex Systems

Cosylab Makes Systems Run

Cosylab is specialized in complex system engineering challenges with unclear requirements. The big physics projects where we acquired our expertise are typically one of a kind projects with unique challenges. We know how to approach technical problems of various type, with an array of technical tools. The solutions are combinations of various specialties of hardware/software systems engineering: high level software design and programming to handle overall system complexitity and low level software and FPGA programming for real-time and synchronization demands. Custom hardware we design and develop when needed.

A list of our main technical competencies: Systems engineering, C/C++, C#, Java, kernel-level programming, driver programming, FPGA, HW layout and design, real-time programming, interfacing, DICOM, LabView, LabView FPGA

Our team consists of 150+ experts in 6 countries/regions: the European Union, the USA, Japan, China, and Switzerland

How does it work?

Typically a small on-site team of experts and architects:

  • makes an initial technical analysis
  • translates the user requirements into engineering ones
  • facilitates communication - an important element to build personal raport and optimize work across time zone differences

This team stays available throughout the entire project when we scale up to a large off-site team with a larger pool of technical specialties and competenties. This process is transparent to the customer.

During commissioning (launch) periods, more people are added to the on-site support. The project is considered successful when it runs perfectly for the final end user / end customer.

Our succes factors

We believe our people are our key to succes. We hire only the best. We have 10+ PhDs with tight links with universities in multiple countries. We set up our own education and training system (CosyAcademy) and built a strong company culture with great employee loyalty.

We adapt development processes best suited for the given project, we are:

  • ISO 9001 certified
  • certified also for medical software and hardware development - ISO 13485
  • able to adapt to customer processes, whichever they already have, e.g. agile, waterfall, etc.





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