Training Programs

Sharing our expert knowledge in control system technologies

EPICS Training Courses

Cosylab is a very active member of the international EPICS community. Apart from developing and maintaining some of the most widely used tools for EPICS development (VDCT, Channel Access in Java, etc.), Cosylab also shares its professional experience with EPICS by means of specialized training courses.

Our training courses are very flexible and always adapt to our customers' needs. Whether you are completely new to EPICS and would like to learn how to get started with it, or you are already proficient with EPICS but would like to focus on something highly specialized (writing your own CA clients, device support, asynDriver, device integration...) we can prepare a course that meets your needs and can get your staff up to speed in record time with the right experience to do their job.

CODAC Training Courses

CODAC is the control system used by ITER. Since its first release in 2010, Cosylab has been the sole partner of choice for ITER to deliver specialized training courses in the use of CODAC. With a history of 3 to 7 training courses per year for the last 4 years, Cosylab has taught well over 100 trainees how to be proficient in the use of CODAC for ITER Plant System I&C Development. Whether it is at the ITER IO premises in Cadarache, or directly on site, Cosylab has all the materials and experience to deliver CODAC training courses anywhere, anytime. CODAC training courses cover all topics CODAC related, from SDD, to PLC and fast controller integration, to EPICS database development and Control System Studio.

TANGO Training Courses

TANGO is a control system middleware or framework that allows distributed parts of the control system for big sciences machines to communicate with each other in a standardized way for the purposes of data acquisition and control of equipment.

Cosylab offers training for the TANGO system. Read our Service Description for all the details.

Scrum/Agile methodology coaching

Cosylab is practicing agile software development and Scrum methodology on several projects. We are offering coaching on the  Scrum and agile software development methodologies which is based on our real-life experience.

The Cosy Academy

Right from the beginning, internal training has been a cornerstone of the Cosylab adventure. We live our motto “the best people make Cosylab”. Besides hiring the very best, we also nurture our employees through internal training programs.

The Cosy Academy comprises courses in:

  • Tango
  • Labview
  • Java 

The Cosy Academy Externally

On a regular basis we receive invitations to perform these training programs at institutes and in companies.

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