Off-the-shelf medical frameworks

Turnkey solution for the integration of a medical accelerator control system

Cosylab offers a turnkey solution for the control system integration of a medical accelerator. It is based on the blueprints of other medical project we executed, allowing for reuse of proven software and hardware components. It is Cosylab’s mission to earn your trust through timely and quality delivery

Know-how & Expert People

Cosylab has extensive experience with accelerator control system integration including medical accelerators. We are both ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified and follow the ISO 14971, IEC 62304 standards. We believe the right people are THE key to success in these projects. We meticulously select for talent and develop their skills with our trainings and academies.

Reduced Risk

Control system integration projects are highly complex. Budget and timing risks need to be actively managed. Cosylab’s engineering processes and standards are field-tested and tailored to this domain. At the same time they deal effectively with the inevitable changes in requirements.

Proven Technology

LabVIEW NI Gold AllianceOur Medical Accelerator Turnkey Solution starts from a proven blueprints: software, developed with - and licensed from CERN and hardware provided by National Instruments. Reuse of tested SW & HW with professional support from these partners increases project predictability.

Management Process

Our project managers built up technical knowledge working as developers on previous projects. They keep a tight grip on budget, timelines and quality and report in a clear and open fashion with the project owners. This attitude has proven itself many times over in our companies achievements, past and present.

Recent Example - ebgMedAustron

One of the most advanced centers for Ion Beam Therapy and Research in Europe is currently being built in Wiener Neustadt, Austria: MedAustron. Cosylab contributes as a contractor to the development of the accelerator control system and the medical front-end. The control system is built entirely around National Instruments SW and HW technology with reusability as a main objective. Scientific accelerators are typically generic, open-source & multi-vendor systems. While flexible, it adds complexity to the project. Reuse of the system built for MedAustron for other medical accelerators entails a serious reduction in risk and complexity.

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