Timing Systems

Your Swiss watch in the nanosecond era

The timing system delivers an indispensable service for the Big Physics machine: it provides the very heartbeat on which various parts of the system synchronize.

Nothing could be less off-the-shelf then such a timing system. It requires balanced and well considered choices: technology, complexity, reliability and cost.

To illustrate we would like you to ask yourself, are the following questions already adequately answered for your system?

  • Power electronics requirements: how does the operation of the accelerator link to mains and a possible mechanical chopper?
  • Which real-time decisions have to be made; based on the present status of the machine and all inputs? How are alternative scenarios (pre)defined?
  • On the micro- and macro-level; how should the patterns of machine behavior be generated?
  • What real-time data has to be collected, processed and distributed? (e.g. GPS time, machine protection system status)?

Cosylab is the ideal partner for acquiring the optimal timing solution: we have a proven track record (customers who have used this service appear in the right sidebar) with designing, building and customizing timing systems for a variety of setups. Let us bring this expertise to your project, answering all the difficult questions, providing a trusted design and solid execution.

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