Accelerator Control System for PT

The Accelerator Control System (ACS) is the brain of an accelerator: it controls and monitors many different devices that constitute the accelerator so that they are synchronized with sub-microsecond precision, as required to produce a particle beam with desired characteristics.

Cosylab has developed numerous control systems for different projects, for use both in PT and scientific research. We have learned that a significant part can be reused between projects. By thoroughly studying our past projects, we have created a modular, installation-ready control system software suite C-ACS.

The C-ACS software is well documented and was developed in conformance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards. It is modular to the extent that it can be used in any PT machine, ready to integrate a diverse portfolio of medical software systems and to control the electronics of all accelerator’s subsystems. 

The essential integration process steps are:

C-ACS is designed to fit a wide array of hardware devices and fulfill unique installation requirements. Also, projects have much shorter phase for analysis and detailed architecture, so they can hit the ground running.

 Key Benefits

For more information request our ACS Whitepaper: