Radio Frequency Telecommunication Components for Small Satellites

Stellar Radio Frequency Communications for Small Satellites

One of the most significant advances in near-Earth Space technology is the rise of small satellite solutions to the mainstream, which build on the accessibility of innovative microelectronics and advances in systems design. Nevertheless, several challenges still face small satellites before they can compare head-on with their larger counterparts. One of them is dependable telecommunication with faster data links, operating at higher frequency bands, which were until now used only by large and expensive satellites.

Why is Software Critical for any Space Mission?

Miha Vitorovic, Head of Space, and Harshraj Raiji, Project Manager for Space at Cosylab, were recently guests on the Electronic Specifier Insights podcast. There they answered questions about Space missions and their critical software, laser communications, Space sector demands, technology crossover from Space to the consumer domain and the evolution of Space missions in the next five years.
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Reliable Laser Communications Between Space and Ground

In March 2022, Cosylab organised the conference discussion "Enabling reliable infrastructure for laser communications between space and ground" at the Paris Space Week 2022. The roundtable discussion was moderated by Cosylab's Tadej Pukl and included the following panellists: Daniel J.M. Hendrix from Airbus Defence & Space Dutch Technology (ADS NL), Olivier Jacques-Sermet from Cailabs and Miha Vitorovic and Harshraj Raiji from Cosylab. The roundtable discussed the increasingly important domain of optical communication between ground and space, both in its current state and regarding future developments, including market trends.
Cosylab_What is the space mission life cycle

What is the space mission life cycle?

With our past and ongoing space projects, we contribute to activities that advance the Ground Segment of space missions. So, if you are new to the Space domain, let me introduce you to the fundamentals of space-mission life cycles.
Cosylab European Space Agency

A Modern Infrastructure for the European Ground Control

Historically, in Europe, diverse systems have been used by various agencies and organisations for AIT (Assembly, Integration and Testing) and Flight operations for a variety of missions. Many of them are using old technologies, and agencies and organisations face difficulties in modernising them. The solution to this is the EGS-CC framework, which is a European initiative to reduce risk and recurring costs and ensure synergy across missions and different space project phases.