Cosylab provides system integration and customer adapted products and solutions, covering the complete area of control systems and instrumentation.

We are specialized in accelerators, both for particle therapy and scientific research, as well as tokamaks and radiotelescopes.

Our services are used by project directors, group leaders and engineers, who are burdened with deadlines and user demands, to achieve better performance while significantly reducing commissioning time, man-power and cost.

Cosylab employs over 180 people, in majority engineers and physicists. They are expert developers and integrators of state-of-the-art software and electronics. We have at least 20 experts in each of our core technologies (e.g. C-ACS, C-TCS, EPICS, TANGO, LabVIEW, Control System Studio and WinCC OA, and FPGA). Their services range from writing specifications, across design and implementation to installation. This provides a cost-effective, low-risk delivery of a control system or any of its components at a fixed price. Cosylab offers deep inside knowledge and industry-standard development processes that include systems engineering, project management and quality assurance.