Control System Integrator for Medical Accelerators (to be based in Geneva)

Control System Integrator for Medical Accelerators (to be based in Geneva)

We are seeking candidates for the integration of a Control System into a Medical accelerator of charged particles in a Proton Therapy (PT) centre for cancer treatment.

The workplace is on the premises of CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, where a creative and enthusiastic team is already working on PT control, employed by Cosylab Switzerland.

The selected candidates will get familiarized with control systems for PT machines and join a top-notch engineering team that takes care of integration, maintenance and development of control systems.

The applicants will be initially employed in the parent Cosylab company for a period of 3 to 9 months. During this time, they will acquire the necessary skills and learn about the project. They would then move to a position in Cosylab's Swiss subsidiary, being employed in full accordance with Swiss law, for a determinate period of 2 years.

After having worked successfully in Switzerland, the applicants would have the possibility of continuing indefinite-duration employment in the Slovenian parent company or re-locating abroad to one of its other subsidiaries (USA, China, Sweden, Japan).

Required skills and experience:


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When applying, please provide a CV and a motivational letter with a description of past work, project-roles and concrete relevant technologies used in your accomplished projects. Please write to us at and prefix subject with “for 4fA-2017”.


Note: Cosylab d. d. was declared the best Slovenian employer in 2015, in the Golden Thread (Zlata nit) Competition, and was also a 2015 finalist in the Golden Practice (Zlata praksa) Contest.