Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics


The Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) currently consists of four projects that will provide a great platform for the study of the fundamental processes that unfold during light-matter interactions. One of them is ELI-NP (Nuclear Physics) in Măgurele, Romania. Once built, the ELI-NP will be the most advanced laser and gamma beam facility in the world.

ELI-NP will consist of two large machines, namely:

Cosylab assumed responsibility for the delivery of the control system for the gamma beam system (GBS) as part of the EuroGammaS consortium.

Cosylab's Involvement

The EPICS framework was chosen for the ELI-NP GBS control system. The implementation will be based on a modular control system design that leverages solutions developed at other similar facilities. This along with a set of strict processes and conventions ensures that any custom, ELI-NP-GBS-specific development will be done in a standardized and coherent manner.

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