For particle therapy

All Software to run your PT System, ready-to-certify

Cosylab offers software engineering and system integration services, including product-based solutions for PT systems.

A particle therapy project requires the integration of many systems, involving a vast amount of software. Software that falls into different types and categories:

Connecting all medical Application Software together requires intimate knowledge of and latest insights into therapy processes and planning.

Based on our vast experience with Large-scale Medical and Research Accelerators, Cosylab is in a unique position to offer full PT accelerator control as a turnkey solution and integration of all treatment systems.

Moreover, you can chose to base the project partly or entirely on Cosylab’s portfolio of off-the-shelf products for PT. It relieves you of a large investment of your own time on requirements specifation while at the same time we reduce lead-times and total projects costs.
It is Cosylab’s mission to support your PT project by delivering our part on-time, in-budget and according to medical standards.

While you take Particle Therapy to the next level, let us take the burden of staffing large system integration teams and timely delivery commitments, including full systems certification from your shoulders. 

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