FPGA programming

When FPGA programming and custom hardware development projects are a burden to your lab, why not consider outsourcing them to Cosylab.

We do many types of projects— FPGA/CPLD programming, PCB design, signal acquisition, motion control, high-voltage design, and more.

Depending on the needs, we can work on any part of the development at your lab in close contact with your people.

Cosylab works on many types of FPGA programming and custom hardware development projects.

Why is working with FPGAs so difficult?

While harvesting the power of both software and hardware development, FPGA projects also suffer from the difficulties and pitfalls of both. The software side requires managing complexity and version control, and the FPGA tools are not on-par here with conventional SDK’s. The hardware side adds for example massive parallellism, pipelining, clock domain crossing while meta-stable states and glitches make debugging really hard.

FPGA programming is not merely prototyping with a development kit: it is an engineering discipline that requires mastering of both software and hardware aspects.

Specialized in Big Physics

With Cosylab as your trusted partner you benefit from our best practices and workflow processes tailored to serving the Big Physics community. Familiar with scientific environments we know requirements change as part of the evolving machine design. We have built our processes around that fact. We:

All the while we regularly involve you, the customer, in our work, so we can address evolving insights. In short: a flexible, but managed process.

Integration into the Control System

The device or subsystem for which you have an FPGA / custom hardware solution in mind, will have to be integrated into the machine’s overall Control System. Cosylab is a world leader in this kind of work.

Cosylab also works with LabVIEW FPGA for LabVIEW specific projects (More information on LabVIEW Development and Integration).

Download our Service Descriptions on EPICS, TANGO and LabVIEW development and integration for more details on what this part of the work entails.

Want to know more?

Our 2-page service description contains more details on FPGA & Custom Hardware Development.