From KGB to Cosylab

Before Cosylab was founded in 2001, seven young students of physics were working together on different projects under the wings of the Jožef Štefan Institute. They united in the year 1996, when Mark (the doctor) started forming a group to develop a control system for a particle accelerator. So, before Cosylab was established, there was a group of enthusiasts called KGB - Kontrollgruppe fϋr Beschleuniger. The name comes from the first control system for the accelerator they created for a German client and it was a symbol for an idea of overall control.

After they successfully finished their first project in 2000, the group faced its first dilemma - should the members continue with their studies or proceed with such work? It was at this point that they decided to form their own company and Cosylab (Control System Laboratory) came to be.