Meet us at IPAC’22 in Bangkok, Thailand

This year, IPAC22 (13th International Particle Accelerator Conference) will happen in Bangkok, Thailand, from June 12-17, 2022. 

About IPAC

IPAC is the leading international event for the worldwide accelerator community and industry. Attendees will be presented with cutting-edge accelerator research and development results and gain the latest insights into accelerator facilities across the globe.

Meet Cosylab at IPAC

We are coming to IPAC, and we’re looking forward to discussing your project challenges with you and how we may help you. Meet us at booth number C36.

Redeem your T-shirt

See who from the Cosylab team is coming to IPAC and which topics you can discuss with them:

Akio Nakayasu joined Cosylab Japan as Representative Director in 2020 and worked on scientific and medical accelerator projects. With over 30 years of global business experience, including developing the materials for high-temperature superconductors and medical products.

Meet Akio to discuss:

  • scientific and medical accelerator projects
  • complex project management
  • project management in Japan



Dr. Rok Hrovatin joined Cosylab in 2015 by promoting many years of his previous expertise in beam instrumentation to the level of control systems, with a broad global overview of control systems for different accelerator types and applications.

Meet Rok to discuss:

  • preparation of control systems projects for various accelerator types and applications
  • technical and organizational aspects of control systems projects
  • beam instrumentation



Robert Modic

Robert Modic joined Cosylab in 2012, focusing on timing systems at RAON and ELI-NP. He also served as the control system task leader for MYRTE, the H2020-funded R&D for the MYRRHA (Multi-Purpose Hybrid Research Reactor for High-Tech Applications) ADS (Accelerator Driven System) research facility.

Meet Robert Modic to discuss:

  • large facility control systems from requirements collection, design, and implementation
  • complete timing systems from requirements collection, design, and implementation


About Cosylab

Cosylab is the leading provider of software solutions for the world’s most complex, precise and advanced systems. Our technology enables organizations to discover scientific breakthroughs, offer state-of-the-art cancer treatment and healthcare innovations, and bring clean fusion power to the future energy market. We provide software products and services to the largest medical device manufacturers and cancer centres worldwide.

Our solutions are integrated into the most significant big science international projects, such as FAIR, CERN, ITER, PSI, SLAC, DESY, DIAMOND, PAL, and RIKEN. With our efficient support and up-to-date expertise, we enable organizations to keep their focus on their scientific and business objectives.

Through its headquarters in the EU and subsidiaries across Europe, North America and Asia, Cosylab has worked on hundreds of multi-year and multi-people projects worldwide.