A More Joyful New Year 2021!

A year ago we wished you a slingshot 2020
and a trajectory for success.

Little did we all suspect that our anticipated gravity assist
set us on a collision course with a global pandemic
just a couple of months later!

The subsequent turbulent months and seasons challenged us all.
We hastily rearranged our private lives and work settings, sheltering more and more at home, while working steadfastly towards our goals.

As the disturbing year of 2020 draws to its end, we would like
to express admiration of all our friends, partners and colleagues.
In the face of adversity, we succeeded in maintaining admirable communication and collaboration from afar.
Conferencing with “talking heads” in multiple video panels became second nature, as did collaborating in virtualised teams.

Now, rays of hope illuminate the dark of winter.
Assurance of brighter days to come has arrived with the news of
recent successful vaccine deliveries.

We wish you all Good Health, Joyful Holidays and
a Happier New Year, in which distances between us shall dwindle!