The new Australian Bragg Centre in Adelaide will treat an estimated 600 to 700 patients each year when it becomes fully operational at the end of 2024. It is the first proton therapy unit in Australia, and we at Cosylab are excited that ProTom’s Radiance 330® Proton Therapy System has been selected as the operational heart of the Australian Bragg Centre!

Cosylab, as a partner of ProTom International, developed in concert, with ProTom’s clinical and technical personnel, the central part of the software for the Radiance 330 PT machine. ProTom’s President and CEO Stephen Spotts has said his company was delighted to provide a vital element of the new centre.

The Radiance 330 PT system utilizes an integrated imaging and control system, and advanced pencil-beam scanning technology. The latter is one of the most advanced forms of proton therapy treatment, as it enables the system to apply superior dose sculpting and higher beam efficiencies than other methods of PT.

Pencil-beam scanning technology also reduces the adverse side-effects to patients and improves their long-term outcome and quality of life.

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