Ljubljana, Slovenia, April 24, 2023 – Members of the economic and trade delegation from Ningbo Yuyao visited Cosylabs headquarters in Ljubljana today to hold talks and sign a memorandum of understanding with Cosylab regarding technological and industrial cooperation under the China Central and Eastern European Cooperation (China-CEEC) Industrial Park project.

The delegation was led by Wo Yongte, Mayor of Yuyao, and also included Han Baishun, Deputy Director of Ningbo Qianwan New Area Administrative Commission, Hu Jianli, Director of Yuyao Municipal People’s Government Office, Li Jian, Director of Industrial Investment Department; Chu Zhangrong, Chief of the second Section of Industrial Investment Department, and Liu Xiaolin, Chairman of the board of China Biotech Services Holdings Ltd. The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Rok Tomšič from the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The guests were welcomed by Dr. Mark Pleško, co-founder and CEO of Cosylab, and Tine Musek and Goce Gligorov from Cosylab’s business development department.

The China-CEEC Industrial Cooperation Park is located in the Ningbo Qianwan New Zone, with a planned area of 40 square kilometres. It is closely linked to the Yongxi Intelligent Science and Technology Innovation Corridor. The Park is the most important scientific and technological research and development hub for promoting economic and trade cooperation with Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC). It is also at the forefront of opening up Ningbo to the outside world, actively involving Zhejiang in cooperation between China and CEEC. 

Cosylab is a global leader in systems integration and software in the field of large science devices and radiation therapy and has a long-standing presence in China.

Today’s signing of a memorandum between Cosylab and the China-CEEC Industrial Cooperation Park regarding technological and industrial cooperation is the culmination of two years of intensive contact between the two entities, resulting in a joint decision in March 2023 to form a cooperation framework.

Cosylab attaches great importance to the Chinese market and believes in its vast potential for adopting cutting-edge radiation therapy solutions that treat cancer patients better, faster, affordably and more humanely.

“Both sides believe that Cosylab can establish itself as a premier medical solution provider in the China-CEEC Industrial Cooperation Park. Cooperation with existing partners through technical services guarantees short-term development goals can be achieved. With increased research and investment, the development and clinical application of a new generation of radiation therapy solutions will follow. We have also discussed the possibility of introducing the non-invasive therapeutic technique of tomorrow, Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT), to a local hospital. We look forward to starting our work in the China-CEEC Industrial Cooperation Park and contributing to better cancer therapy outcomes for Chinese cancer patients in the future,” emphasised Mark Pleško.