We are proud to announce we have recently signed a framework agreement with the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, one of the pioneers and leading institutes in particle therapy, to jointly work on bringing the latest technologies into everyday clinical practice.

One of the projects within the framework is to strengthen our existing collaboration and bring adaptive radiotherapy into everyday clinical practice.

Prof. Dr. Tony Lomax, Chief Medical Physicist at PSI:

“We are delighted that the Centre for Proton Therapy at PSI has entered into this collaboration with Cosylab. Adaptive therapy is an important development for proton therapy and this collaboration can only further strengthen our existing partnerships with CosyLab as part of the EU funded, Horizon 2020 RAPTOR consortium.”

We are already collaborating with PSI for adaptive radiotherapy inside the RAPTOR Consortium, which was founded by Cosylab and where PSI is leading the current Marie-Curie EU project.

Other projects will result from this new framework agreement as well, and we are looking forward to sharing with you some exciting results in the future.