Ljubljana, 14 July 2020 – Cosylab announces a new partnership with medical device startup, VIPUN Medical. The medical world will get an innovative system which measures stomach function to help clinicians identify enteral feeding intolerance and to make better informed nutrition therapy decisions in the intensive care unit (ICU).

The VIPUNTM Gastric Monitoring System consists of a catheter and a control system. The VIPUN™ Catheter is a double lumen nasogastric balloon catheter with an integrated feeding lumen. The VIPUN™ Control System controls volume and measures air pressure in the balloon, thus providing crucial information about the patients’ stomach motility and can be used by HCPs to guide appropriate medical nutrition strategies tailored to the patients’ gastro intestinal activity,” explains Mr. Pieter Janssen, CTO at VIPUN Medical.

Cosylab will develop the Control Unit for our medical device. We’ve decided to partner with Cosylab because of their 20+ years expertise in the field of medical device engineering, broad range of software and hardware skills, and detailed understanding of patient safety aspects and device usability,” adds Mr. Nico Van Tichelen, CEO at VIPUN Medical.

Our mission is to help medical device startups and innovators develop their devices all the way from product definition to commercialization,” explains Matej Gasperin, Director of Engineering for Medical services at Cosylab. “We are here to take care of the complexities within software and hardware development, which must be conducted according to a strict regulatory framework applicable for medical devices such as the VIPUN Gastric Monitoring System. We are honoured to be chosen by VIPUN as their engineering partner. The partnership allows VIPUN to focus on bringing their innovation to the patients and their clinicians whilst we take care of device development,” concludes Gasperin.

We talked to Mr. Nico Van Tichelen, CEO at VIPUN Medical about the company’s mission, the benefits of VIPUN Gastric Monitoring System, and about the development of the medical industry as a whole. We invite you to read about it in the interview.

This is exactly the type of project Cosylab will pursue with its newly-launched ArrowFast Medical Device Engineering initiative, aimed at supporting medical devices startups on their way to medical market. www.arrowfast.tech