With the COVID infections on the rise in the USA and Europe, we would like to take a moment to recognize how each of us can contribute to slowing the spread.

As Mark Pleško, Cosylab CEO says:

“Even the experts and the government cannot predict how fast the virus will spread. They can only explain the past.

One thing they know: given the number of infected people, the number of emergency beds may likely become too little. Maybe we don’t have the knowledge and means to create more operation emergency beds, but we can indirectly reduce the spread of the virus and thus reduce the need for emergency beds.

Yes, it is a nuisance to wear masks, stay home, and not meet people. So let’s take it as our voluntary contribution to society.

Didn’t we say that Cosylab gives back to the community and is a socially responsible company? It’s not just about developing cures for cancer and explaining physics to school kids. We should also contribute by giving the right examples. If you believe we are taking a right and sensible measures, please spread this attitude to people you know.

We might not be in the main risk groups, but we should behave as responsible citizens and contribute to the spread’s containment. It’s not pleasant, it’s not for us, but it’s for the common good.”

Thanks again, Mark, for telling it as it is! We have to pull together and hold our heads high! Even those who do not feel vulnerable must do their part to protect those at risk and healthcare workers.

And to all of our partners, colleagues, and friends, we say: let’s all be socially responsible and let’s #stayhome and #staysafe!