Cosylab took part at Expo Dubai as a member of the Slovenian “Health and Well Being” business delegation, organized by the Spirit Slovenija agency and the Ministry of the Economy. At the Business Forum “Slovenia on top of personalized medicine« held at the Slovenian Pavilion, Dr. Uros Mitrovic and Janko Burgar presented how Cosylab enables organizations to deliver better health care.

Personalized medicine is an area that is rapidly gaining importance globally; innovation and state-of-the-art technology will play a key role in the treatment of cancer and other diseases in the future.

Dr. Uros Mitrovic, Marketing Director at Cosylab, spoke about cancer treatment, the current situation and the future of this insidious disease. He explained how Cosylab, together with its partners, makes advanced personalized cancer treatment accessible to the entire society: “Software is the key to the future of radiation therapy. Cosylab partners with innovative companies to bring cutting-edge technologies into clinical practice. OncologyOne, our modular suite of medical-grade software products, speeds up translation from R&D to clinical practice. It enables our partners to provide the best possible patient treatment modalities like LINACs, Proton Therapy, BNCT.”

Janko Burgar, VP Strategic Development, was a panellist at the round table “Slovenia as a showcase of how personalized medicine contributes to a higher quality of life”. He presented Cosylab’s perspective on the opportunities of personalized health care on a global scale. He pointed out that the company strives to provide world-class health care responsive to the needs of individual patients.

Cosylab enables medical device manufacturers to bring their devices to life faster, with lower risks, and offer the best technology for cancer treatment. To learn more, visit