Cosylab d. d. has released a new version of its treatment control system, C-TCS 2.0, the unique workflow management system for radiation therapy. The C-TCS comes with a set of highly optimized workflows, based on experience of clinical users from photon, proton and carbon therapy centers worldwide.

The new C-TCS version offers a novel configurable workflow engine, supporting rapid creation of experimental protocols, and facilitating quality assurance and commissioning procedures. It supports DICOM unified procedure steps (UPSs) and is ready to be extended with specific IHE-RO profiles (e.g. IPDW, TDW-II). Other features include beam grouping and matching as well as improved motion control achieved via dedicated collision prevention management and resolution algorithms.


C-TCS showing treatment delivery progress

The new C-TCS release will help our partners overcome major challenges of building new therapy machines (and maintaining the existing ones), shorten the time needed to the first patient and also make treatments themselves more time-efficient, thus, providing better cancer treatment to more people,” says Gregor Humar, Vice President of Medical Division, Cosylab d.d. “Cosylab is very much focused on the future. In this respect, this release is especially important, as it represents an important step towards real-time adaptive treatments,” he adds.

About C-TCS

C-TCS is the central workflow manager of a treatment delivery system that coordinates the operation of the accelerator and all other devices enabling users to execute treatment and QA workflows. Due to its modular architecture and graphical user interface, developed according to the latest usability best practices, C-TCS offers optimized workflows and required features to overcome operation and integration challenges of modern delivery systems. Its design supports the evolution of treatment delivery towards adaptive methodologies.

About Cosylab

Cosylab is the world leading supplier of software for proton and carbon therapy systems. The company provides its products and services to a vast majority of all radiation therapy vendors and research institutes. Cosylab offers software products, develops turnkey solutions, and engineering and system integration services, tailored to customer needs. The company was founded in 2001 as a spin-off from the Jozef Stefan Institute. Now it employs around 200 people, the majority of them are engineers and physicists with expertise in medical software and electronics development. Cosylab has its headquarters in the European Union with branches in Japan, US, China, Sweden and Switzerland. For more information, visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn:

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Gregor Humar

Vice President, Medical Division

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