Cosylab participated in the event organized by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (GZS) on the occasion of the ceremonial signing of the Agreement between business, science and politics “For a smart, sustainable and competitive Slovenia.” In the round table discussion on best practices of cooperation between Slovenian companies and research and educational institutions, Janko Burgar, VP of Strategic Development, shared Cosylab’s experience with Big Science projects and emphasized the importance of the Agreement for all stakeholders involved. 

The Agreement was signed by the heads of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (GZS), the Coordination of Independent Slovenian Research Institutes (KOsRIS), the Rectors’ Conference of the Republic of Slovenia (RKRS), and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, and is intended to help Slovenia achieve its development goals, including a higher quality of life for citizens, environmental sustainability, and high added value. Strategic cooperation in the economy-science-policy politics triangle will focus primarily on technological development and innovation cooperation. More information about the Agreement can be found here 

In the roundtable discussion with representatives of faculties, institutes and companies, Janko Burgar, VP of Strategic Development at Cosylab, highlighted Cosylab’s experience with ITER, FAIR, CERN and other BigScience organizations that would not exist without the productive collaboration of the triple helix partnership. “The agreement is a great cornerstone to accelerate the positive momentum of collaboration for some Big Science projects already underway and even go further to host and build a future Big Science infrastructure in Slovenia; as it seems, all stakeholders are ready to pursue this ambitious goal,” he said.