Cosylab ESA PSW 2021

The annual Paris Space Week (PSW) is the largest Space business get-together and event in Europe. This year’s PSW will, anew, provide a multitude of conferences and webinars of PSW that offer engaging and informative content, food for discussion and the opportunity of the audience to pose questions to the panellists.

At PSW 2021, Cosylab will, together with ESA, host one such webinar, namely “ESA and Cosylab: The future of the European ground control”, that will start at 10:00 CEST on the 10th of March 2021. The presentation’s hosts will be Diego Casadei (CEO of Cosylab Switzerland) and Miha Vitorovic (Cosylab Head of Space) from Cosylab and, from ESA, Jackob Livschitz (ESTEC) and Jean Schuetz (ESOC).

They will present the future development and technical highpoints regarding the European Ground Systems – Common Core (EGS-CC). The latter is the European initiative to develop a common software infrastructure for supporting space-systems monitoring and pre-launch and post-launch control phases for all mission types.

The webinar will cover the current status of the EGS-CC framework, its impact on ground-segment systems and mission-control systems, Cosylab’s involvement in the latter, and the framework’s outlook for the future.

You are welcome to join our webinar! You can register at PSW 2021 at