With great enthusiasm, we can now announce what we all hoped for the past two months has come true!

At today’s grand selection event, our Jasna Hengovic, product manager and medical software engineer, has attained the title of Slovenia’s “Top female engineer of 2020”!

Congratulations to Jasna and thanks to all who believed in her and supported her on her nomination journey!

When Jasna was in elementary school, she desperately wanted to join the computing programming club, but she was told that programming was not the best past-time for girls. A year later, her brother – who wasn’t into computers – was asked to attend the programming club. Both felt miserable.

Jasna, who has a university degree in Maths, is today far from downcast. As she wanted to be all those years ago, she is a respected software engineer and a project manager in the group that develops the Cosylab treatment control system, C-TCS, for radiotherapy.

Jasna explains: “I am excited each day that I can go to work on some of the most demanding and exciting engineering tasks for developing radiotherapy products that can help thousands of cancer patients down the line. I hope that patients in our country will, in the future, also have access to the state-of-the-art irradiation technology that can cure cancerous tumours more effectively, with less adverse side-effects to healthy tissue.”

“I am honoured to have won the title of Top female engineer of 2020! I hope to be a suitable and worthy role model for young girls and an example for their parents, teachers and others that women are fully suited to be engineers and can thrive in STEM fields. I want to extend my best wishes and respect to the other nine finalists and engineering colleagues! They are all exceptional engineers; every one of them is truly successful in their field, and there is not one of them that didn’t deserve to win. Together, we represent the diversity of engineering.”