Cosylab hosted distinguished guests, Prof. Dr. Paolo Giubellino, Scientific Managing Director of FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) and GSI (Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research), Mr. Joerg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of FAIR, and Dr. Pradeep Ghosh, Management Executive, who visited the company to present the current functioning of FAIR, learn more about the technology and services provided by Cosylab and discuss future cooperation with this mega science facility.  

Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe GmbH (FAIR), Darmstadt, Germany, is an international accelerator facility for the research with antiprotons and ions. At FAIR, “matter that usually only exists in the depth of space will be produced in a lab for research.”  

Cosylab is one of the leading partners in Tehnodrom, a consortium of 12 Slovenian high-tech companies developing and supplying high-tech research equipment according to the specifications of the FAIR Center, namely the control system in the accelerator and the components of the beam diagnostic system.  

The participation of Cosylab and other Slovenian high-tech companies in large scientific projects, such as FAIR, is important for strengthening the development competencies based on joint work with top experts from around the world and for the exchange of scientific knowledge and practical experience, while it also brings the multiplicative effects of the investment to Slovenia and other participating countries. We are proud of the Cosylab’s and other experts working together with scientists and engineers from around the globe to enable the FAIR Center’s fascinating discoveries in basic research, gain new insights into the structure of matter and the evolution of the universe,” said Dr. Mark Pleško, Co-founder and CEO of Cosylab.