Brussels, July 14, 2022 – The Fusion Industry Association (FIA) organised an event to present the 2022 Report, highlighting key findings about the private global fusion industry. Dr. Mark Pleško, co-founder and CEO of Cosylab, participated in the panel discussion, which focused on fusion as one of the fastest-growing technologies and investment areas globally, with the potential to impact climate change, energy security and scientific leadership.

FIA’s 2022 survey of the global fusion energy industry revealed the rapid expansion of the global fusion energy industry and its potential impact on climate change, energy security, and scientific leadership. It found that global investment in fusion has increased to more than $4.7 billion, a 160% increase between 2021 and 2022. Confidence is also growing about the timescales in which fusion power will become a reality. More than 93% of the respondents now believe that fusion power will be on the grid by the 2030s, up from 83% last year.

At the FIA event in Brussels, Andrew Holland, FIA CEO, and Massimo Garribba, European Commission Deputy Director-General, DG Energy, spoke about the importance of fusion expansion for the global economy, climate, politics, and energy security. “The results of this report show that fusion is on a pathway towards commercial relevance, at a time when the world desperately needs new clean energy options,” said Andrew Holland.

CEOs from several FIA member companies participated in the panel discussion: Cosylab, Focused Energy, Marvel Fusion, and Renaissance Fusion. Dr. Pleško pointed out that progress in the fusion industry is driven by demanding technology challenges and ever-shortening timelines for achieving fusion energy, and Cosylab can help fusion companies offer clean energy sooner: “Through our work on the ITER megaproject, Cosylab has been active in the fusion community for decades and can help fusion companies reach the next milestone faster and more safely.”

Cosylab_ Fusion Industry Association_Mark_Plesko