How QualySense accelerated the development of their machine — A Case Study

QualySense is a Swiss company that develops high-end solutions for a safe and sustainable food supply by pioneering high-speed single kernel technologies.
When QualySense needed to scale their platform to the requirements of an industrial-grade high-volume machine, Cosylab was selected as their engineering partner for the embedded software framework and system architecture.

"We decided to work with Cosylab because they were flexible, very responsive and able to help us solve our challenges outside our core competences without a lot of up-front investment from our side," says Riccardo Tediosi, Chief Technology and Digital Officer at QualySense

Thanks to synergies between QualySense and Cosylab, QualySense was able to significantly reduce the lead time for the high-capacity prototype.

Read the Case Study here or download the full Case Study on the link bellow.