RAPTOR stands for Real-time Adaptive Particle Therapy Of Cancer and is a project funded by the European Union.

Paradoxically, with the greater therapeutic accuracy of Particle Therapy (PT), the importance of targeting the tumour also gains significance. Changes in anatomy or positioning and organ motion give rise to uncertainties that a modern PT machine needs to minimise further to exploit its technology’s benefits fully. It is precisely this field of optimising that real-time adaptive techniques can well cover.

The researchers recruited in RAPTOR will conduct research projects at healthcare facilities and participating organisations, such as universities, research centres and companies participating in the RAPTOR Innovative Training Network (ITN).

We at Cosylab are proud that we are one of the RAPTOR founders and also one of three industrial partners participating in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN and project RAPTOR.

Join the innovative and multidisciplinary RAPTOR programme and create a massive shift in the PT treatment paradigm. With that, you will help devise a treatment that is automatic and seamless and promises even greater patient outcomes!

Nevertheless, candidates should first check out the conditions, criteria, and the selection process for the 15 PhD positions in the ITN RAPTOR here. They should also consider that the ITN administrators will treat preferentially applications they received before 15th March 2021.