September issue of our Newsletter Control Sheet is out!

It's been quite an eventful and busy summer at Cosylab. We attended many conferences & workshops in Europe and Asia, and also hosted various events at our headquarters in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The summer was especially busy for our Swiss team, which joined the Swiss Physical Society Annual Meeting and visited SINDEX, the influential industrial automation trade fair. At the same time, Cosylab Switzerland reached a very important milestone by becoming a member of two important organizations Swissmem & Swiss Aerospace Cluster.

Talking about (aero)space, make sure not to miss interesting insights about space instrumentation and projects by Diego Casadei, our Head of Space R&D.

Our CEO, Mark Pleško, has been as busy as ever. We're proud to say that today, Friday 28 September, he will receive the Generali Alumni Achievement Award from the IEDC School of Management. Read the interview with Mark in this month's issue to learn how he manages the life of a scientist, entrepreneur, husband, father and last but not least, a leader.

For more technology insights, see all the new features of EPICS7 summarized by Gregor Gregorič, expert C and C++ developer.

Lastly, if you would like to know how ITER addressed the standardization challenge, make sure to read the ITER Case Study.

Latest Issue: Control Sheet no. 36, September 2018

  • Why Getting to Space Takes so Long (And Is so Expensive)
    In the article on Space Technology, our Head of Space R&D, Diego Casadei, explains why getting to space takes so long (and is so expensive).

  • Interview with Mark Pleško, our CEO
    "I live only one, singular life, if I can say so, therefore I don’t have a separate time for family and business. I live everything at once and I am always intensively, 100% dealing with what’s in front of me."Read here
  • EPICS 7
    EPICS7 is the latest version in the EPICS ecosystem, the Open Source software environment used to create and implement distributed control systems.

    Read this brief and concise overview of all the new features EPICS7 brings to the table here.
  • How ITER Standardized Large System Integration with CODAC Case Study
    "Standardization is a key factor when attempting to integrate control system with pieces provided by hundreds of different suppliers." - Anders Wallander, Head of Control System Division at ITER Organization

    Read the Case Study on how the CODAC Core System addressed the standardization challenge and how Cosylab contributed.
  • The Picture Board
    See what we've been up to in the last 3 months - in pictures.
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