Between July 10 and 13, Cosylab hosted the 2nd international Summer School for students interested in particle accelerators, destroying cancer cells and discovering the universe. Under the mentorship of Cosylab engineers, the participants from 6 different countries developed a Treatment Control System model for proton therapy, which is advancing the medicine and cancer treatment.

For the second time in a row, Cosylab, one of the leading high-tech companies in Slovenia, organized international summer school, which hosted the most eager students and young graduates of physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.  

Cosylab mentors challenged the participants to develop a Treatment Control System model in just three days, controlling a laser rather than a proton beam.

On the first day, the students learnt the basics of EPICS and LabView, which are in wide use in control system development for scientific and medical accelerators, fusion reactors and telescopes.

Depending on chosen framework, the students were divided into two teams. One team learnt the basics of EPICS, which they used to analyse the picture acquired by the camera and deliver the »dose«. The second group took on LabView, with which they controlled the laser and its positioning.

Students managed to successfully tackle the challenge in the time given. The head mentor of this year’s summer school, Tomaž Kogovšek, commented:

We’re really glad to see that students from the whole region and beyond joined us and seized this opportunity to learn more about designing and building control systems. It’s amazing to see young people with such a strong drive and eagerness to learn new things. We are already looking forward to organizing our summer school again next year and hoping to inspire even more attendees that are interested in particle accelerators, destroying cancer cells or helping discover the universe.”