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Latest Issue: Control Sheet no. 31, June 2017


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Control sheet no. 30, March 2017 Issue

On System Architecture, Software Platforms and Products: Insights from our CTO

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Control sheet no. 29, December 2016 Issue

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Control sheet no. 28

  • An Insider’s View on the EPICS V4 Future with Matej Šekoranja
  • Medical Processes Key Success Factor at Heavy Ion Medical Machine in Lanzhou, China
  • Modular Accelerator Device Integration Environment: The Integrator’s API

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Control sheet no. 27

  • Are there major trends and insights in Big Physics machine integration projects?
  • FAQ: What is the maximum allowed length of an EPICS record name?
  • Integration of the Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera into EPICS
  • Site Independent EPICS IOC Software
  • The Picture Board

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Control sheet no. 26

  • Cosylab Experts: Introducing Rok Šabjan
  • Embedding a Self-Managed Team at PSI-SwissFEL
  • News
  • The Picture Board

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Control sheet no. 25

  • Solaris Shining!
  • OpenXAL: Scientist meets Software Engineer
  • Fast Data Storage System for PAL-XFEL
  • The Picture Board
  • New Year 2016

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Control sheet no. 24

  • ELI-NP: The Control System Is Getting Ready
  • A Path Through The Maze Of Medical Device Standards
  • Audience Inspired at Laser and Accelerator Showcase
  • The Picture Board

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Control sheet no. 23

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Control sheet no. 22

  • Proven methods for estimating the cost of a control system
  • First Beam at iBNCT
  • All’s FAIR in the City of Science
  • On bugs
  • The Picture Board

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Control sheet no. 21

  • Dragons Unite: Introducing KeZhi (Cosylab China)
  • ITER: Power for the Future
  • Cosylab Develops Prototype Low-latency Digital Video for ITER Remote Handling
  • Partner News
  • The Picture Board
  • New Year’s Message

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Control sheet no. 20

  • Editorial: Celebrating Issue 20!
  • ESS: Breaking New Ground in Sweden
  • Managing Errors with Exceptions in C++
  • Cosylab Supports Young Engineers
  • Accelerator Experts go to School
  • The Picture Board

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Control sheet no. 19

  • A Turnkey Control System for ELI-NP
  • Reusing Expertise: A Control System for Solaris
  • FECOS: Front End Controller Operating System
  • GUI Style Guides: Haute Couture Window Dressing?
  • The Photo Board

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Control sheet no. 18

  • MYRRHA: The New SCK•CEN Multi-purpose Irradiation Facility
  • Daniel Kahneman: Beware the ‘inside view’
  • Timing is Everything!
  • Cosylab joins the DISCS Collaboration
  • Handling multiple devices callbacks in a single FESA deploy unit
  • Take-over...
  • Conference Announcement - PCaPAC 2014: Call for Abstracts

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Control sheet no. 17

  • ICALEPCS Lifetime Achievement Award for Shin-ichi Kurokawa
  • Cosylab Enters the House of Experiments
  • Application of ITER CODAC for Plasma Control
  • On-Site Beam Diagnostics Support @ MedAustron
  • Spotted at ICALEPCS2013 in Cosy T-Shirts
  • New Year 2014 Wishes

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Control sheet no. 16

  • Korea is definitely the most "acceleratized" Country
  • Predictive Diagnostics for High-Availability Accelerators
  • Olog, A New Logbook for EPICS!
  • Cosylab T-shirts are also Popular in China!

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Control sheet no. 15

  • On the scope of outsourcing projects: bigger or smaller?
  • Student Exchange Programmes
  • Programming Accelerators with Colored Lines
  • ...a very brief history of Cosy T-shirt designs

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Control sheet no. 14

  • Slovenian President’s First Visit to Japan
  • News Snippet: ALMA Inauguration!
  • Risks, Requirements and Agile Development
  • EPICS Data Acquisition Device Support
  • News Snippet: Cosylab Joint Venture
  • Invitation to Submit Content for Control Sheet

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Control sheet no. 13

  • Age of Technocracy
  • Integrating an Ion Source into MedAustron’s Control System
  • Development of a Tokamak Simulator plug-in for the CODAC Core System
  • T-Shirt Crazy!
  • A Happy and Cosy 2013!

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Control sheet no. 12

  • Cosylab Japan celebrates 1st year of existence
  • The user interface your operators deserve
  • Machine Protection, a framework for accelerator reliability and availability
  • Why I chose to move to Slovenia and join Cosylab
  • The RED team wins 2nd place!

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Control sheet no. 11

  • Cosylab's approach to recruitment
  • Customer Support
  • Professor Kurokawa has received yet another award for outstanding achievements

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Control sheet no. 10

  • Timing System complexity
  • Packaging of Control System Software for ITER
  • VHDL fashion police

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Control sheet no. 9

  • What to Do About Incomplete Requirements?
  • Control Systems For New Large Experiments
  • Power Converter Controller for MedAustron

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Control sheet no. 8

  • Are companies more expensive than in-house development?
  • Ethernet as a real-time network
  • CosyBricks FPGA - getting a fresh HW team ready for action

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Control sheet no. 7

  • On Creativity in Control System Design
  • Introducing Visual DCT3
  • Fiber-optic communication on low end FPGAs in hard real time

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Control sheet no. 6

  • On manpower for new projects
  • What is really important about control systems
  • Power-grid synchronization @ SNS; or how to keep power electronics and chopper rotors happy

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Control sheet no. 5

  • Steering development of software and hardware projects,used and funded by several laboratories
  • Extreme power Developing With FPGAs: Did Digital Electronics Become a Simple Programming Exercise?

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Control sheet no. 4

  • Should the control system be bought or made In-House?
  • Middleware Evaluation
  • Extreme power and extreme lure of FPGA programming

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Control sheet no. 3

  • no, way... Planning... Huh, what's that?

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Control sheet no. 2

  • What control system platform to choose? part:1

  • Can Cosylab be cheaper than in-house developers?

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Control sheet no. 1

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