Our products for the PT market

Cosylab has developed numerous control systems for different projects, for use both in particle therapy and in scientific research. We have learned that a significant part can be reused between projects. By thoroughly studying our past projects, we have created modular, installation-ready control system software suites.

C-ACS, the Accelerator Control System, is the nervous center of the accelerator, where all monitoring and control of the various subsystems is centered.

For delivering the various beams that are needed to perform a tumor irradiation, the ACS receives high level commands from the control system of the medical part of the system: the C-TCS, the Treatment Control System.

C-TCS is also offered by Cosylab as a ready-for-certification software product. The documentation that must accompany medical software of this nature and complexity is often underestimated.

By opting for our off-the-shelf products for PT, you leverage maximally on our expertise in PT accelerator control.