Expert staff to cover peak loads and beyond.

The cost of new people is much higher than is normally assumed. Outsourcing this work to the experts of a trusted partner is the reasonable way to handle peak-loads and expertise shortages.

However, Control System development and integration for accelerators is a domain for experts: just the middleware frameworks (EPICS, TANGO, FESA, DOOCS, TINE, etc.) are of daunting complexity for novices, either new hires or conventional IT and SW outsourcers. In addition to that, a good understanding is required of how accelerators work and what the ranges of typical requirements are.

Cosylab has accumulated the know-how, experience and numerous references that prove it can do this job better than anyone else.

Outsource to Cosylab any task in Control System development or integration work, including those that lab people hate, such as writing up the documentation!

Or as we say: “Do what you do best and let us do the rest!”

What we offer

Every Cosylab specialist you outsource work to, brings with him a big piece of Cosylab: a large support network of experts, offering both complementary skills as well as redundancy. Redundancy means we can offer replacement today in case of force majeure but also that we can continue (years) later where we left off: Cosylab has an extensive system of logging and archiving all our work.

The complementary skills cover all control system technologies for Big Physics: software, databases, FPGAs, hardware, etc.

The inevitable changing requirements introduce risks if you decide to do CS integration with a small in-house team and you urgently require additional competences. If you outsource to us, we can react in a flexible way to the changing needs with a managed budget impact. We do the work at our premises or at yours, depending on the specific situation and your preference.

Recent Examples

Cosylab has provided outsourcing services to practically all our clients in parallel to other specific tasks. We list these three recent cases as typical examples.

1. On-site support to Beam Diagnostic group at MedAustron, Austria

Cosylab delivered on-site support to the Beam Diagnostics group. Activities included maintenance tasks, development and integration of new beam measurement devices, as well as writing up the necessary documentation for them.

The customer appreciated the quality of the developed and thoroughly tested code, short response time in maintenance and bug fixing tasks, both of which, in the end contributed to increased machine up-time.


2. Device Support for NI PXI-6528 High Voltage Digital I/O Module for ITER

ITER CODAC envisioned support into the EPICS CODAC Core Control System for this particular module. Cosylab provided a kernel driver, application library, EPICS support, QA & documentation & support. The project was performed to full satisfaction of the customer.

3. EPICS V4 Core Development

EPICS Version 4 is the next major revision of the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System, a widely used software framework for controls in large facilities, accelerators and telescopes.

The primary goal of Version 4 is to improve support for scientific applications by augmenting the control-centered EPICS Version 3 with an architecture that allows building scientific services on top of it. Among the core team is Cosylab’s Matej Šekoranja, long time contributor to EPICS core technologies, whose work has been funded by BNL, USA and PSI, Switzerland.

Want to know more?

Our 2-page service description contains more details on Outsourcing.