Join our discussion on enabling reliable infrastructure for laser communication between space and ground

Cosylab at Paris Space Week

Join our discussion on the challenges of reliable infrastructure for laser communications between space and ground on Tuesday, March 15, 12:00 CET at Paris Space Week. 

Discussion topics

The radio spectrum for satellite communication is becoming saturated, and the need for faster and more secure communication is gaining importance. Consequently, the industry has in the early 2000s started turning toward laser-based communication as an alternative. Initially aimed at inter-satellite links, laser communication systems today are being developed that allow high-speed space to ground communication.

An essential aspect of the mature commercial application of satellite-ground laster communications is efficient control, monitoring, and operation of the new generation of Optical Ground Stations (OGS), and it requires pioneering technology.

At the roundtable discussion, we’re going to address the challenges related to:

  • keeping sufficient uptime,
  • ensuring global coverage and seamless satellite communication over distributed networks of stations,
  • remote handling, troubleshooting, and management aspects of OGS networks.

The panelists

Daniel J.M. HendrixDaniel J.M. Hendrix, Airbus Netherlands: Daniel is a Business Development Manager at Airbus Netherlands. As a Delft University of Technology, Aerospace Engineering Msc graduate, he joined Airbus Netherlands in 2007. Daniel has since been involved in Launcher structures, Solar Arrays, Satellite platforms and Thermal hardware in various roles and locations. Since 2019, he is responsible for business development on laser communications.

Olivier Jacques-SermetOlivier Jacques-Sermet, Cailabs: An optical engineer by training (MSc from IOGS Palaiseau), Olivier spent more than 15 years in deep-tech innovative photonics companies, transitioning from R&D positions into international customer support, sales and business development roles. He joined Cailabs in 2020 to manage sales and business development of the fast-growing TILBA product line, dedicated to Laser communication.

Miha VitorovičMiha Vitorovič, Cosylab: Miha is a Computer Science graduate, and has been working as a software developer and architect throught most of his career. Since joining Cosylab in 2010 his role gradually transitioned into team leading, and he is now the Head of Space engineering at Cosylab.

Harshraj RaijHarshraj Raiji, Coslylab: Raj spent the past half a decade with a private Italian aerospace company as a mission analyst and systems engineer for industrial and institutional space missions, after which he joined Cosylab’s Space team in 2020. Wearing many hats, he is hard at work strengthening the Space team’s capabilities on the systems engineering, project management, sales and business development fronts.

Unable to attend? Get in touch with us, and we will send you the recording of the discussion.

Discussion host:

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