Cosylab’s recent work in the Space segment:

EGS-CC Bus Adaptation (European Space Agency)
Integration of most relevant communication bus technologies for the space domain (MIL-STD-1553, CAN/CANopen, SpaceWire) into the EGS-CC (European Ground Segment Common Core) for deployment in various AIT use-cases. We successfully concluded this project in 2020.

New Generation User Interface for Operational Monitoring and Control Applications
The goal of the NeGUIOMCA project is to develop a new generation user interface that will be used by ESA during the entire life span of a mission: from launch to operations in space. The user interface will be based on tried and tested technologies to ensure reliability and usability to the end-users.

EGS-CC Consolidation
In close co-operation with ESA and with a consortium of partner companies for the EGS-CC Consolidation, we’re improving the state of EGS-CC to achieve an adequate level of sophistication, stability and maturity, to achieve EGS-CC’s integrability into its target environments.