System administrator

System administrator (f/m)

We are an international high-tech company that has shown consistent growth over the last 15 years, and is the market leader in particle accelerator control system integration.

We are looking for an experienced system administrator, responsible for the installation and maintenance of our network architecture. We have a steadily growing number of users, at this moment 150, of which about 100 are demanding software and hardware developers. Since our customers and branches are located all over the world, our infrastructure has to enable a smooth project cooperation from any location in the world with a secure connection. We cherish effective internal cooperation; personally, through processes and also through tools, which contribute to better cooperation between departments; including data capturing and analytics. Another challenge is our growth, resulting in constant consolidation of companywide processes, including the IT infrastructure and its processes.

We are looking for an ambitious and responsible candidate (f/m) with the following experience/knowledge:


What we offer:

Please send your application to with a prefix “System administrator”. Your application should include:

About us

Cosylab is the world leader for Control Systems, specialized in experimental and medical particle accelerators, radio telescopes and fusion reactors. Cosylab is a fast growing company that employs over 100 physicists, programmers and engineers. Our engineers are in daily contact with the most advanced technologies, and participate in some of the largest international scientific projects: XFEL x-ray free electron laser, ITER fusion reactor, FAIR and ESS, and CTA radio telescopes.

Note: Cosylab d. d. Is the winner of the 2015 Golden Thread (Zlata nit) competition for the best employer in Slovenia, and a finalist of the Golden Practice (Zlata praksa) contest.