How Cosylab and SINAP Collaborated on Producing a Fast Machine Interlock System

A fast, flexible and reliable machine interlock system (MIS) is a safety feature that every machine needs to prevent it from harming its users or damaging itself, primarily when it operates at high energies. Even most machines in everyday use have an MIS, such as cars, clothes-washers, lifts and microwave ovens, but so do Big Physics machines, which often operate at quite high energy levels.

The ELI-NP GBS CS: A Tale of Engineering a Complete EPICS Control System

Extreme Light Infrastructure Nuclear Physics is a Big Science facility being built in Magurele, Romania, and is slated to become the most advanced, highly intense laser and gamma beam facility in the world. Cosylab, as a subcontractor for the EuroGammaS Consortium, assumed the responsibility for defining the scope and the delivery of the complete control system for the Gamma Beam System, based on the industry-standard EPICS framework.

An Open Source Control System Framework for ALMA: How ESO and Cosylab Shared a Mission

As a large international collaboration, the ALMA telescope project envisioned a standardization of the control infrastructure to ensure a manageable integration of all subsystems. Together with ESO, Cosylab played a valuable role in building the right control system framework, and provided expert support to achieve the high level of harmonization of the system control that ESO was aiming for. ALMA’s breakthrough astronomy research vouches for its success.