Cosylab is a leading control system integrator for TANGO

TANGO is a control system middleware or framework that allows distributed parts of the control system for big sciences machines to communicate with each other in a standardized way for the purposes of data acquisition and control of equipment.

Use Cases

These are three typical use cases:

  1. Single device integration in a machine
  2. Writing a generic device support module e.g. standard DAQ or motion control solution for an entire project
  3. Off-the-shelf TANGO support provided by equipment manufacturers as part of their product offering.

Big projects typically have all three types.

What we offer

Since 2007 Cosylab has built up references on TANGO device integration. It allows us to:

Cosylab is a leading control system integrator for TANGO

Want to know more?

Read the in-depth white-paper/article of our expert Vid Juvan and Julio Lidón (MAX-IV, Lund University) on Elliptically Polarized Undulator Motion Control System based on Tango Sardana Framework
Our 2-page service description contains more details on Tango Device Integration..