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Ravi Marawar, (National Instruments)

Gianluca Chiozzi, (Head of Control and Instrumentation Department, ESO)

"We have been working with Cosylab since many years, always to our complete satisfaction. Cosylab has given an essential contribution to both of the design and the implementation of the ACS platform and they are still for us a reliable resource for development and maintenance. A Cosylab engineer has always proved that they are very competent, helpful and reliable, delivering consistently according to plans and responding promptly to requests for support. In many cases we have profited from Cosylab experience and knowledge on edge technologies to steer our architectural and technical choices for ACS and the ALMA project. We rely on them not only for long term development outsourcing, but also to cope with unexpected load peaks."

Karen White, (Jefferson Lab)

"Cosylab provided a lot and of good quality in a short period of time. I hope that this praise will not make you want to charge more."

Marcus Schwickert, (GSI)

"Cosylab has delivered a turn-key solution that solves all our needs for motion control. I was impressed at how fast Cosylab was able to produce high quality results."

Hamid Shoaee, (SLAC)

"All your clients are very satisfied with the quality of your work, your responsiveness and your price."

Volker R. Schaa, (GSI)

"In total, we all like the widgets you created for this application very much and were very impressed by your resourcefulness. Our compliments!"
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