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Nigel Boulding, (FMB Oxford - formerly Oxford Danfysik)

"FMB Oxford has worked with Cosylab for the past 4 years to deliver turnkey solutions for complete beamlines and systems to synchrotron customers around the world. Cosylab were an obvious choice, as a leading commercial supplier of EPICS programming, to complement our comprehensive range of synchrotron products. In Cosylab we have found a flexible and capable organization with staff capable of extending their contribution beyond the EPICS interface into hardware selection and optimization. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership in future years."

Ron Chestnut, (SLAC)

"We have implemented a GPIB solution using the Cosylab microIOC at SLAC. The PEP-II storage ring currents here at SLAC are read out via Keithley meters and GPIB. Our previous solution had exhibited "hangs" which required local power cycling of the Keithley meters and reboots of the controlling IOC. Cosylab added two switchable AC power outlets to their microIOC supporting GPIB, allowing logic in the microIOC to power-cycle each meter individually. Cosylab personnel support our engineer closely through the commissioning."

Kuotung Hsu, (NSRRC)

"Two experts from CosyLab given an excellent EPICS course on-site. The EPICS course accompany with exercises are comprehensive, all of attendees of the course get insight of EPICS toolkits quickly. After the training courses, both experts help our software peoples to integrate an prototype 1 m elliptical polarizing undulator with Ethernet based motion controller as one of a major exercise. All efforts are done within a couple of days."

Alan Jackson, (Technical Director, ASP)

"COSYLAB supplied the booster control system as well as controls for storage ring magnet power supply, apple2 undulator and protein crystallography and powder diffraction beamlines to the Australian Synchrotron. I confirm that the Synchrotron Control teams were able to work collaboratively with COSYLAB staff to arrive at a good solution which met all requirements. The systems were delivered on time to their contractors and that the software worked "straight out of the box."

Scott Higgins, (Accelerator OPS, R&D, Jefferson Lab)

"Cosylab is a great organization to collaborate with: helpful, accessible, quick turn around on bug fixes, basically excellent customer service."
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