The team

We are a fast growing Slovenian hi-tech company specializing in control system integration for some of the humanity's biggest projects, like fusion reactors, particle accelerators and telescopes.

But we’re not your ordinary boring company with bored employees, a strange reclusive boss and a strict hierarchy. We believe that the real asset in a software and engineering company are its people, which is why we work really hard on finding the best and the right people, and we also work hard on keeping the right people. And when we’re looking for new employees, we don’t discriminate where they come from.

We now employ more than 180 employees worldwide, in HQ in Ljubljana, and in our branches in Sweden, Switzerland, USA, China and Japan. Cosylab originates in Slovenia, but just as our business is global, so are our employees. According to the latest unofficial count, we employ people from more than 15 different countries from 4 different continents.

Of course, the vast majority of us do come from Slovenia, and also work in Slovenia, but, just as Slovenia is only so big, the number of the best talent is limited as well. That’s why we look for our employees in a much wider area, employing local experts in our branches, and try to attract people from our neighboring countries to join our team in Ljubljana.

And just how do we do it? Our strongest point is the fact that if you come work with us, you’ll get the chance to work on some of the most exciting projects in the world right now, projects that are changing the world and helping the humanity, and you don’t even have to leave Slovenia to do it.

But if you do want to go on-site for a while, or if you’re from abroad and want to join us in Ljubljana, we will do everything to make your relocation as easy as possible. This includes arranging your visas, taxes, and all the other not so fun things that come with any international move. Along with that, we’ll give you a relocation package to help start a new life in a new country.


And this is just some of what we do. Then there’s our motto “think bold, work hard, act modestly, enjoy life”, the foundation of the Cosylab culture. We're colleagues and friends, proud of working together, capable of developing just about anything that we put our minds to.

And we also work hard at enjoying life. Be it by kicking off the week with Monday pancakes, taking a short break by table football or pinball, enjoying all sorts of sports from climbing, tennis to basketball. We understand the importance of good relationships and wellbeing of everyone, and work hard on maintaining it.

We’re proud to say that we’re the “reverse brain-drain”, not only keeping the best talent in Slovenia, but also bringing (back) new, talented people.