The team

Cosylab puts a great emphasis on its staff and human resource procurement and development. Instead of letting the management or HRM write a burst of buzzwords (or is it bullshit :-)), we let our employees speak for themselves. Below is a list of words, expressions or statements that describe how our employees see Cosylab, as submitted in a survey. Even the management was impressed to see how spirited and motivated the team feels!

very young, friendly, smart people, talented people, great colleagues, positive spirit, like a sports team, you would like it, nice colleagues, Great company, Young, great co-workers, great spirit, best company, Good atmosphere, out of the ordinary, great, open for improvements, cool company, young employees, fun, dynamic, rarely boring, ambitious, find and grow your potentials, optimistic and dynamic firm, promising and growing company, stems for perfection, team that is going somewhere, better year after year, lots of possibilities to excel in what you are good at, you can really achieve something of you, lot of opportunities, like the climate and philosophy in this firm, seek win-win positions, challenging, profit driven, rewarding, meaningful for humanity, top scientific projects in the world, high-tech, challenging and perspective work, interesting projects related to Big Physics, ready to take up interesting and big challenges, innovative, developing new things, participate in large scientific projects, interesting and challenging stuff, hi-tech company, always learning, great working conditions, flexible work time, lots of travel opportunity, satisfying, interesting work, challenging, you can sleep in the morning and work at night, great work, travel a lot, flexible working time, nice working atmosphere, work on the things that you're good at.