Qt, CS-Studio

Control System Applications need to offer the machine operators good overview and detailed control. These demanding GUIs benefit from being built with proven technology, i.e. rich GUI frameworks with necessary provisions for this domain.

There are both commercial and open-source frameworks available. The specific application, e.g. a proton therapy system or a scientific accelerator, sets different criteria and influences the choice platform. See this article from our CTO Klemen Žagar on the subject. In short: with strong robustness requirements it is good considering industrial solutions, when on the other hand, a high level of flexibility is desired, adaptable open-source solutions can be considered.

Cosylab has experience with many different GUI frameworks.


Cosylab has worked on a variety of Qt based project since 2008

QT Is a C++ platform and ecosystem for building desktop, mobile and embedded applications.

Many open-source and commercial applications use QT, such as Autodesk Maya, Google Earth, or VLC, since it allows to compile and deploy the resulting application in different desktop and mobile platforms (Windows, Max, Linux, Android, iOS, QNX)

Written in C++, it has binding for several other languages, and support for OpenGL acceleration, HTML renderer, web sockets, BlueTooth and NFC support, QWT graphs, database binders and several other features. It's based on the concept of Signals and Slots, with components subscribing to Slots that can receive Signals from other components.

It includes optional tools such as a development IDE (QT Creator), build system (qmake) and internationalization assistant for translations (QT Linguist).


Control System Studio is an Eclipse RCP (Rich Client Platform) written application for communicating with accelerator controls systems (EPICS) and integrating other controls system services in one environment. The application is primarily intended for facility operators, allowing them to control and monitor the machine they are operating, like a nuclear accelerator or a fusion reactor.

Through the mechanism of Eclipse RCP plugins it allows every facility to configure a product only including the functionality that is actually deployed and used at their facility. The application can be composed out of more than 60 Eclipse RCP features and over 150 plugins.

It offers the development/design of the operator screens, with many widget to analyze and visualize data coming from numerous sensors, and integrates seamlessly with services like archiving, alarm handling, logbooks and similar. It offers tools for automating many control systems tasks.

Cosylab has worked with Control System Studio community (https://github.com/ControlSystemStudio) to develop and maintain the product for its customers. We have prepared CS-Studio products and related services tailored to the needs of our clients.