Working at Cosylab

Would you like to work in a non-ordinary company?

Would you like to work in a non-ordinary company?

Cosylab is not an ordinary company with bored employees, a strange reclusive boss and a strict hierarchy. It has "rules" for cooperation between employees, written in a formal Business Manual, but in most cases rules are based on a mutual agreement between employees. A good old-fashioned dialog takes place in almost every decision we make including business decisions. Working for Cosylab is a good way to discover genuine team-work, fair business relations and a great experience altogether. It's an adventure!

We are aware that the real asset  in a software and engineering company are its people, therefore we recruit only 'naturals' into our team. And we're not just talking about technical skills, we also mean personal and social integrity and ethics. If you are such a person, or believe you have the potential to become one, or just happen to know one, give us a call, send us an email or drop by.

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Putting Fun into Work

Working at Cosylab is fun! Not a wild party kind of fun (except when we're celebrating another successfully completed project), it's the fun of personal and collective achievement. The fun of taking on a challenge, facing difficulties and overcoming them. The fun of beating your personal best at the half-marathon or of a last-second winning dunk at basket.

We want to feel good and enjoy life. As a young team that also wants to make meaningful contributions to our customers, science and a better world. To improve ourselves, personally and as a team.